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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 15, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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then crashes into a sentence is to get at home and can aspire. if coming up here from a one-man is designed a building at the time in the crash. a state of emergency in an ominous san diego county has a lot fires burn out of controlled areas is very hot and interest to read so hot and then, that send francisco is closed. and this is the dismal as a kron4 news that seven starts now. hot, are the marty i'm darya fulsome this and joining me
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now is a woman that lives out here. there are certain homes behind a sign that people obviously today aunt. the use of ports. -did do you support to keep them closing at and i absolutely support it. we've been here 17 years. we've lived in large fire years ago this tillamookmook old fashd vanilla ice cream
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a study shows we've used the equivalent of lake tahoe and
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groundwater in the past 150 years and when the ground in those the ground sinks. that causes of the surrounding mountains including the and the surrounding terrain to lift up and which could disturb to read
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she loved the team and always helped me with everything of for some reason if i can have the team i think that she should have. hybrid of this on her. the poor girl i not known how she could do with this. thank god she has wonderful what earnings of. >>: and they will protect
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her. band clippers owner donald sterling says he is getting a divorce from his wife shelley and he also does a very usable with of the m.b.a. s decision to terminate him from that team. and been banned for life and now the other nba is talking about what to do next. the they meet again next week. on to go live in new york city. president obama dedicating the 911 memorial museum would listen in. was served with honor and more up more than a decade of war. an asian best chance of a and united. and unafraid. because the act of terror can add to the strength or the character of our country. like the great
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wall and bedrock that embraces today. nothing can ever break us. nothing to it can change who we are as americans on the september morning, allison rather lost his own wells. months later she was reading the newspaper an article about those final minutes when the towers survivors recount and now a young man wearing a red handkerchief that led them to safety. and in that moment allison new. ever since he was able ad hoc his son had always carried in red handkerchiefs. her son
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was was the man and a red bandanna wells or was on for years so with a broad smile and encourage future he worked in the south tower on the 1042 were hitting the glass or the joy of lives far and james of state is in the world where to finance half and had also been a volunteer firefighter and after the planted to if he put on that bandana and spent his final moments seven others this as brazil submitted shore that justice was done i can't ground zero among the families started here that day was
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allison when she told me about wells and his cheerless spirit street and she shows me a head or chief like the one he wore the morning. today as we saw on our tour of one of his red handkerchiefs halt is on display rob and this museum. and from there is a former creek of all those who come here will have a chance to know the sacrifice of a young man who likes on many of gave his life lot all others might live those we lost along with, and families and families to love them still. a r and a friend to will remember them always. and in the nation that honor them don't in the
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forever. and today it is my honor to introduce to the man forever bound by that day. united and their determination to keep hope alive the true spirit of 911 ross keller's mother ellison and of those he saved a long jump. >>: your listening into the arab city of the dedication that's under way for the night of the memorial. we'll be right back. hmm. is inew. wi newysonay srts breaast atbrds, and u stt wi beer iredits, li reaeggs quity son usag
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his other arm is a possible behaving badly. as i said before the politics of graffiti removal requires the cooperation of multiple agencies treat this is what's going on here. " the public works or is it matt tyrrell wrote martin and numerous volunteers have
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come together to take a stand against the blight. on the left is the way to what you still look with a legal proceeding and on the ride this is the clean up what with all the ugliness the
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whole clan is not without into bad behavior. stem the funny thing gives them lately out their pain and our own building and somebody for this will be an uphill battle but at least the attack as the country and east of us >>: roberts kron4 news.
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at 9:00 without widespread sunshine by noontime if you're having lunch expect temperatures to start getting into the mid '80s. we got possible in low 90s for the inland valleys. expect widespread low 90s and mid-90s throughout the east bay and south bay with a potential of low 90s and in the north bay also. if you are really fed to the coastal temperatures there only in the mid-70s. a continued
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at least find another way to beat the heat one more day. , will call them dealing with the cemeteries in the bay area we want to see how you been beating the heat. here's some pictures sent to us from the viewers on crime 4 dock, deftly ready to beat those temperatures to get a lot of pictures on the call as well. we like to see in pictures and feature them on the air we can send it to our e-mail at i report at crime 4 dachau. >>: no way to beat the traffic this morning were jammed up to the north they even the arsenic has cleared our accident from the lanes and the freeway and petaluma were still badly backed up care for the ride the backup region is to be on the scene of the crash as the heavy traffic
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starts to move south. is the delays freer no. they ride this morning other hot spots on 680 in the southbound direction on cracker pass road is open this morning. for the second day in the road there's an accident on the richmond san rafael bridge. west on the accident here past the toll plazas 30 backed up the ride be on the richmond parkway for 580 west from the better rethink their plans if you're gonna use that rage is that's real or heading. taking a look at your ride for the bay bridge there's also a hot spot with a solid backup to the macarthur made with a minimum of 20 misprints to the approach. >>: a third grade boy you been removed from a school after
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mother of a year-old claim that he sexually harassed her daughter. she said that her daughter was sexually harassed multiple times by this boy in the third grade. she captured honor, and as the district to remove the boy from the school after they said nothing happened they said that the boy was taken not to the school this said that this is only the first deposition once the rules change. >>: i was looking into the realities of how to change the policies of the school district for young children that sexual harassment issues. is not stated clearly enough for the school policies and guidelines. >>: the district would only confirm that the boy is no wonder at the school. , oakland has initially--police chief this morning. he was brought in by
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the mayor adjutancy he's been with eight police department for 18 years. he said under his leadership he's defined the second largest decline and homicide and 40 years. >>: according to airlines from mayor cut about 21 million passengers are expected to fly on u.s. carriers just between june 1st and august 1st. we're at the highest level in six years is also says that 29.9 million travelers will be flying u.s. airlines to international destinations. they're the top three nonstop destinations carriers. >>: coming up on the crime 4
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morning news jasey gets and attacked by a system of law and was caught on tape know the person behind this got fired. there's more on that head. or also watching traffic with the big back up here pass walnut creek. and falling 680 south down to deliver more arrests 62 rainout and a very hot day of highs of 96. >>: hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha.
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i have a complete traffic check coming right at. a new york city hotel spokesman said they have identified and fired the person reported that was in the security video after the onset sister attacked her husband jasey. you concede that she launched today him and struggled with them this is the hotel says that the person that release these videos was fired from breaching security. he might be paying more for new life on the share are these phone company should be changing their purpose plan. wireless carriers typically subsidize the prices of your phone. while the phone
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companies will aggressively promote instalment base payment plans for apple's upcoming i found six. depending on which care you go with you will have to pay anything up front or pit be facing a higher monthly bill. mammal here's a viral video the tunnel over the web suggested a morning a cat saved a little boy from a vicious dog a fat--caps an attack. caattach , and jeremy had to get a few stitches but otherwise he is in good condition right now. the dog is expected to be cut down. >>: is in the house this afternoon and cool in other spots will break all down 40 coming up.
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evangelista is 31 this afternoon the temperature is right now or in the upper 50s low 60s. the 65 and ending at 62 in san jose mid-60s and downtown san francisco. was the upper 80s in the north bail off to the east and south bay and libyan and '90s once again. looking at the mid-90s upper 90s. 90's in the
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south bay. a 79 answer for cisco 84 for oakland. that's today still high. we have the high pressure over california beginning to fly know a little bit. that allows a little bit of the sea breeze to command of course over tomorrow into the weekend. here's or rescinded go with their seven there around the bay forecasts into tomorrow am or so into saturday and sunday were looking at seven degree weather--70 for more updates and more weather to come down forget to go to our web site crime 4 doc,. if you're on the go download the crime 4 news at. it's free so you can see the news weather and sports and traffic. >>: were still tracking the
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delays the petaluma 1 01 south on even more accidents than completely cleared from the roadway. the delays persist through petaluma on one on southbound. there's a big backup here in a big crash on and petaluma north. and or dammed up here on highway 4 westbound through concord into walnut creek answer pleasant hill. it's even starting here through lafayette and into alamo. worse still backed up into 580 west on at the richmond-san rafael bridge. the bay bridge that has got this morning were traffic is backed up solidly to the macarthur mayst heavy on all the approaches including the mimics freeway. the san mateo bridge is right on time backing them now in the west bound direction. is double the drive time to over 22 minutes. the golden gate bridge
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into light easy ride for both directions. , >>:
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the texan alive and services was a big gray trucks clams into a poor way home and catches fire. and while fires burning in san diego county evacuations under way. is it just too high and severs is going all around the bay for it will continue our cab-coming up. coverage . >>: today not. to dang on hot.
8:01 am
unfortunately have begun work today it is beautiful of side as we take a live look from our montand kempecam. seven of the k records a limousine temperatures like this in a while and services go it's 88 degrees. 90 on the thermometer and 2006 variant with broken record yesterday. morgan is some type
8:02 am
of relief today as to take a look at the golden gate bridge. or jogging coastal communities and some communities are drawn the me at bay. inland is gonna still be toasty 40. by the endicott r rollicking at temperatures in the mid the upper 50s. will there bay communities up to 79 degrees with a 90 degree mark in england. --inland. marine and go to this war-and that'll start going down for everyone. >>: are still falling high spots out there we have several incidents that are really tying up traffic we have again today very heavy traffic all over the bay area let's start in the north bay we have not recovered here in petaluma. there's been a serious accident this morning. with a short break into reuter
8:03 am
park almost completely into santa rosa. it's been a 4045 minute drive time for one know once out this morning a really rough commute. for two days in a row we fed incidents on the restaurant san rafael bridge. this has turned 580 south gone into a parking lot. highway 4680 west on highway 24 traffic. but the discord or commute and mimics north from camille. again no one at one on the south they were looking at a 44 minute drive time from the capitol expressway to the minute view expressway. and the bridges have been scared either were backed up solidly into macarthur made 25 + minute drive times of the mace. in the san mateo bridge also has nearly been a parking
8:04 am
lot. which are times double the commute. >>: here's the latest on a wildfire that are burning in southern california. this from when these nine players and there has,. been three homes destroyed. thousands of commerce said been evacuated with the carlsbad fire. in the other at fire has been evacuated with, and carlos evacuated. cal fires say that these nine fires have burned over 9,000 a.. 23,000 evacuation's. here's a state official had to say about the growing fire danger. by the time to get to july and august of vegetation will be critically dry well along warm hot days for
8:05 am
large and damaging fires we have now seen anything like this statewide were kidderminstecantn remember , see what these fire crews are against here's a few videos coming in. it's a school of 10,000 students were in the middle of their final exams and they're supposed to have their graduation ceremony this week and those have been postponed if not canceled. we have a lot more information about the fires burning around the state. if you go to crime 4 dock, and you can see the videos. how latest
8:06 am
updates and information on crime 4,. >>: to settle five renowit 805 k officials of china from that wildfires by closing the parks as allan rock park preparing then imposes on the park's web's bub site . they don't any possie fires here and that means no walking. this think it will go live here they don't even read the signs they don't believe us when we're telling them. which is condemning the camera around to show you did you know today it was close?
8:07 am
>>: yes i did. >>: here's a video about a 7 mi. past my current location. at the entrance is padlocked his clothes for today and maybe into tomorrow. people are concerned about what's going on and people that live down the hill they get the normal walk this morning they saw was going on i reaction from them and here's what they had to say about this beautiful part being closed for today. >>: i live close by police in the fires here and i want this to happen is scary. >>: i think it's the kinok knowt caught in a fire it can take your family or renewals of
8:08 am
presen your animals outy. >>: were found the latest development with the big red onset francisco that crashed into a funeral home and spark a to alarm blaze. as it is in the rate is still here and we can update on when its done the reopen the traffic. the firing, nietzsche said then and is the best case scenario that they will reopen. or wait for a hash tag # team to arrive an
8:09 am
espresso hundred and 50 gal. of diesel fuel from the truck. the cavill the truck is completely destroyed after lifland into thslamme into the funeral home. the driver then crossed over the center median twice before crashing into the federal home that to lambrequins the shares glaze or into ma draft. this is one of the bizarre incidents that she has encountered in the industry. you seem like a rolling know well as anyone even deal in its property damage and
8:10 am
nobody was hurt. >>: the driver and passenger of the base rate still went to hospital than expected to be just fine. the peace in this altogether in the fire the premises there driver heard an explosion come from the back of the truck before the crash. it's unclear how the loss control or whether the fire caused the crash of the crash caused the fire. the west are market street is closed to traffic. those cars are turrinurnning aound at 11th street.
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it's a third team for the third day in a row we're looking at major delays all around the bay area for two days in a row accidents 0580 west, at the richmond center for all bridge we get to separate incidents. it's backed up all the way through richmond on interstate 580. are also jammed up to the quarter run a 80 southbound and south bay freeways have enough slow traffic to gorham. i have a complete traffic check when we return.
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welcome back or tracking hotspots and weather and traffic. less certain whether hotspots. >>: does not won the creaky as to the san ramon valley at 6 a snake and terror. temperatures are passed quickly rising. it's sunny and clear was that of cool but agency on the map now rarity at 70 degree weather. service is gone now 71 oakland 70 san jose is right near the 70 degree
8:17 am
mark. with the upper 60s for conagra and livermore. santa rosa us also warming up to the upper 60s. his attempt here's a look like today the hottest spots will most likely be in the east bay. we're looking at delta temperatures to be a from 9497 degrees 96 for livermore valley. in the south bay will be in a low 90s. seven cisco downtown 79 freedom and up in the north bay upper 80s. it's gonna be a cooler day for the no. 8 mid-70s cellular expect for the . then the bus will finally see some relief but it won't happen until tomorrow friday are tempted job down to the mid '80s and it continues to drop into the mid '70s offers saturday and sunday. " our web site and crime 4 doc, water resources there for you. if you're on the go down and the
8:18 am
act is free. >>: the manager found new that me right here right now. most a lot spots on the bay area for any slope jammed up off through at richmond. five it was found that nearly to the house foreign a split. we have to separate access this morning and the senator from eritrea is still extremely self to the east bay this morning. is all jammed up here at conjure conti into alameda county stan, north from getting at the san leandro and to downtown oakland accord or commute at over 58 minutes. let this one on one ride. 48 minutes from the catholic expressed in
8:19 am
my view expressway that's twice the normal commute time. 85 is bad but not as bad as that has been other days of the week heavy traffic at the 1 02 interchange. to a es despaired most of the slow traffic. we're still slow to the marin county to one on south from. the worst problems some one-on-one are here between santa rosa in petaluma. we still don't have any relief. the bay bridges are high spark backed up solidly. the menace the shore and the macarthur mace with the san mateo bridge still looking at 20 minutes plus dry times. then again you did see some slowing go traffic care the toll plaza. >>: happening right now the family members of the victim of
8:20 am
911 uncrowned hero for a dedication of the museum. president obama spoke moments ago. but the 1993 in the 2001 attacks 911 responders are the survivors and family members that are being honored at the ceremony this morning. and protesters and going across the world to support higher wages at fast-food restaurants. they have an idea of 15 hour shift $18 an hour rages. 15 $ an hour wa ges, from last month that moscow would have to demand the advance payments if ukraine fails to start selling its gas that. the
8:21 am
second letter was out today says that in the meeting between russian and ukrainian and european union officials said they fell the settle the issue and has, up $3.5 billion. >>: this is my favorite video of the week it's the video that some are also adjusted the morning. this saved a little boy from a vicious dog attacking him and wishes the. on tuesday morning when a neighbor's dog launch for the boy a biting him and then dragging him across the driveway there jammies cat then sprang into action came to the rescue it does seem pouncing on the dog chasing it around and sending away running. germany had to get a few stitches but otherwise he is a pretty good shape right now. his mom said the dog escapeways not neighbor was pulling out of the gated driveway now the dog is expected to be utilized if you want more
8:22 am
on this story go to social me and the facebook page. were reading more about this also on our web site at crime 4 not crime. >>: another racer that are falling in new york, as man turned and a wallet full money again the police say he approached a place of sir handed him a wallet with a stack of money. the number of chief found much of the trial locate the owner right now it was on the same street that the hamas men found a wallet containing five are causing cash/july. >>: female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices.
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president bill can said that republicans will, whenever it takes if his wife hillary decides to run for president. hillary may have done that brain damage from a concussion that she suffered from in 2012. >>: i withdraw the troubled us
8:26 am
say that she has suffered a terrible concussion that required vote six months of very serious work to get over. is something that she never tried to pretend that she is not the same issue really has brain damage which is still " rather than i am. >>: it is blue denim has asked about a presidential candidate. we're learning more about the growing wild fires in the san diego county coming and a few we're learning more about the growing wild fires in the san diego county coming and a few minutes. ♪ ♪ we're learning more about the growing wild fires in the san diego county coming and a few minutes.thank you!
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the firemen since other california is getting worse. the same because of the record he and the strong winds and the many. and they are all learning and spreading fast 15,000 square miles and counting. their biggest concern is an san marker that's for the fire started yesterday for 21,000 evacuation orders of 11 san marcos and california state university san marcos is close and evacuated. the graduation is up in the air
8:30 am
now for this graduation and more air tankers and helicopters are joining the firefighters. thereupon the see that the scene behind me is is to allow residents and this county are waking up to this morning. they're around dozens of destroyed . a complete loss more than 20,000 residents have been evacuating. the big concern right now is said get the city of san marcos , officials of here's san then never seen so many pop up so quickly and so early in the fire season. fire crews have been working around the clock to get control of these flames. there are getting the upper hand here in the city of kohl's 50 percent of the fires here and there will be out here again today with the ir ary
8:31 am
of firefighters. malta with tanks that can hold up to 50 t of water but they are not expected to get any cooperation from the weather the temperatures are still going near a hundred degrees yet again. >>: the latest on those nine fires that are burning i misspoke 14 square miles just about more than that. we're talking about the winds whipping in how audits can be again today. the winds down there are right into five-to-10 they could get up to. 2 20 mi. an hour this afternoon. the balance of fire and some of those blazes ther . the flight deck of the building manage this sense is not going at all the flagship stripping.
8:32 am
but it's, their entire pressures so will be saying another day worked and the warm weather will be some relief of the coast in the north bay and of course your your clothes to the bay itself. you get up to five descended preschooler. expect temperatures in the valley to get up to the upper 90s once again friday once again everybody what enjoy a then and valleys as nicotine to cool down dramatically as we head into the weekend temperatures saturday and sunday for emlyn valley won't get any more than the mid- 70s as a big difference between a hundred us. this is wacky weather here run the bay. there >>: 4 days in a row and now there has been a rough ride around the bay area also bought spots for the second day in the rosa spark a month through
8:33 am
richmond interstate 580 west palm. the rich and simmer for umbrage we've had to accident so far this morning. worse still jammed up in the 680 cells gone on a concord leading into walnut creek. we're still here heavy and 580 eastbound and westbound for the dazzling array. the south bay is very heavy this morning it's a 41 minute drive time. the peninsula ride is much better today and to 80 even l 1 0192 interchanges jammed up in every direction. no. play is slow the marin county this morning. is a 40 + minutes drive time as a continued be drummed up from petaluma to tabby. in petaluma downtown is still some
8:34 am
from syria the bridges and not a lot better the bay bridge is still following a backups to the macarthur mace. we have not really seen a big brachiosaurs still 22 minutes plus drive time. as a little heavy in the southbound direction but there's no delays through mid span and the toll plaza. >>: the sign that they show this morning says that the city's close is too damn hot.
8:35 am
i thin someone has to really get something into their hands because they suppose to be cooler. it was so appropriately yesterday afternoon around 34:00 in the afternoon on news of the 9293 in the city and sent to cisco. i think somebody's got a great sense to hammer but 12 hours late but it's o.k. i'll take it. city officials are trying to find out more about this time. parents never cisco crime 4 neustria the police chief this morning speaking to the permanent police chief after serving the city for almost a year as they back up police chief. he was an intern chief last may and under his
8:36 am
leadership the city has ha its second large crime this year. >>: are learning about new unemployment numbers coming out this morning his lowest number in years.
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8:39 am
its a 39 plenty of free parking in here on interstate 580 in the westbound direction of the richmond the on the marina bay parkway past the toll plaza on the richmond center from a perch we've had to sapper was from accidents. >>: do believe you'll be of the key to team up. that advertisements are coming back let's not be raising the fans are all, if ever a good team if you live a good team that won't come. what my friend it's time? we think, over?, good person,
8:40 am
warm person i said hello to everyone who comes to the team. >>: their some players they're talking about a boycott >>: that's occurred nothing but a bunch of talk its media one day they all love the the next day to make a mistake and say something and then they hate to is that the way it is. when some players as satellite quicker for that do well we do. i wonder anything i ask why i make you happy if you want more money one more attention, more love. >>: what data sterling offering more money now to try to get on their good side after he was suspended as the clippers owner and now looks like he wants to fight to keep his range. then the talk again about next week
8:41 am
about forcing in the cell. >>: iran says has are the been charged for a 2013 killing of a football player. he is r.d. in jail accused of killing the football player last year police say there is probable cause to believe that he was also involved in a drive-by shooting in boston that killed two other people. they said the is driving the vehicle that was used in the shooting. they say that he may even be the shooter his lawyers have not yet commented on the new indictments. >>: the number people up seeking unemployment benefits is, gone down and seven years on the weekly claims. the labor department says with evocations of unemployment have dropped by 24,000. despite the good news and unemployment will drop in
8:42 am
the number of americans filing for unemployment. employes from wal-mart came out this morning and talked about how a hundred points going down right now. >>: starting today you can tax 911 there's a lot of details you need to know now every county and city is up and running with this new tax 911 program. >>:
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
daisy for your full relief for watch and the records here. years of navy broke a good handful was ever cisco 88 downtown. back in 1922 he set the record. seven cisco was alone oakland airport in mountain view monterey, a lot of folks in an extremely high temperatures. yesterday's seven behind riordan a little relief on the coast. read on the golden gate bridge. ocean beaches only in the mid-70s today. 7 cisco 71 in or live in about 70 in oakland 69 san jose. and santa rosa nows up in the upper 50s. as quickly warming up by this afternoon. the warmer locations are out to the east 94 for any
8:46 am
art and the get warmer as you head further east. 96 for livermore the low 90s in the south bay oakland today 84 the upper '70's to very low '80s answer for cisco as well. and more cool air is heading our way but will take another day for for to finally get here. you're cool down doesn't come until friday to the concern that the temperatures some routes a little bit cooler than it was today. saturday and sunday is mild all around the bay area looks like it'll be mild for the first full fee, your. for any updates on the weather and a matter where you are go to our web site or download are crime 4 news at.pp. >>: as we continue to monitor
8:47 am
the very slow ride in the second in a row in the richmond center for aldrich on interstate 583 richmond solidly backed up and down toward interstate 80. it's almost a hoffmann split would add two separate incidents. it was clear some time ago but we still have it on the shoulder in the second crash is a real delay for the west of 580 right. looking at your commute to the rest of the east bay here the sure commune is not so bad today. the drive time is around 29 minutes is pretty normal. though the senator felramone, unless of course that's to
8:48 am
direction then one of one to the south bay is still heavier but the drive time is falling now 37 minutes from the capitol expressway to the mountain view expressway. in the was an accident report on 280 and enjoyed it is a little sluggish but not as bad as we feared it might be. the 1192 interchanges jammed up in the right to marin county on one on southbound. we're still backed up into papilloma. the bay bridge is backed up by not solidly it is backed up into a macarthur made. in the san mateo bridge westbound as jammed up from well before the toll plaza of the way to 11. the one bright spot this morning as been the golden gate bridge ride an easy trip to the county on 11 southbound. >>:
8:49 am
is an example of what the text to 911 would look like when she taxable one-year emergency the nylon operator will tax back with a question the mets, as well go through when a phone call one not it takes a lot less signal to send a text than a phone call. it doesn't mean that the tax to 911 will be available everywhere the emergency call centers are the bodies are that
8:50 am
are in, charge of implementing the text messages and all areas. the fcc is listed that the are plenty of cities and counties that attacks 911.text 911. righw tax time mama from here you get this bounceback message to call 911. you could to assure follows
8:51 am
with the hash tag # crime kron >>: are residents reported seeing a it mundelein in an open field by spanish bay drive. they say the mon lions usually stay away from humans they oppose the threat through to people in an unattended pets. they say if you see any of one to call 911. democrat and away from phil jackson remain been talking to mark from going there. he jumped over the warriors their game a for five years. $25 million is what's
8:52 am
been the talk. this is a better move for him and his family. i expected him and be in new york renown in cheesecake and know is going to the golden state warriors. the knicks just went to four years steve kerr won it five years the same money years that phil jackson was the. this is like he had a fight just to get before and when they came in like venice, bay for the next. >>: steve kerr won five nba championships three of them under phil jackson when he was coaching the polls. the good relationship was with him they believe he should fall as far and is are is taking him to the warriors. he'll be introduced
8:53 am
formally today or on monday. >>: ♪ me d yo.. irarlli uarechocate... a ltle ndezus savor r luiousilli coinedith r sl melng ccola. ♪ that ttleewarfor l e thgs y do.♪ onlyrom irarlli. female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:54 am
heat shields are compromised. weare those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
8:55 am
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five black bears sitting in a tree into a neighborhood and all clear was concept. west cons and has been watching these bears. >>: add terminator on a touchdown and ohio check this out a man called the some video this mass of funnel cloud is heading toward his home. he's able to make it to his basement before the tornado move him. the
8:57 am
house was not damaged she's ok with the barn was taken down. he said its internal come toward his house and he will never forget this moment. >>: including a wildfire is then sent it a go county.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
i thought you'd say that. ah. ♪ the best pa of wakin' up... ♪ you're the best! stock stores were following crime for morning news a dozen wild fires burning with homes destroyed have dry weather not helping the firefighters and the thousands of people evacuated. its high is way too high in the sign says that this city is closed. >>: the lettuce and the services
9:00 am
go despite the closure. the high temperatures and will show you more on the forecast. >>: is gonna be a cooler and another had a round that if that makes any sense. will see the sea breeze and low temperatures on the coast. it's off to a warm start as you head out the door is about 70. i think this is the mid-90s in this location is the veto stick around the bay area silicon a possibility to break some records. much-needed relief overnight into friday. will look into it some dramatically cooler conditions as they head into the weekend. today is the last day of those really really high temperatures.
9:01 am
all that coming up in just a few minutes. >>: the contrast by set the look of the riot at the interstate and 580 jammed up for the second day in a row. two separate accidents slowing the ride from the richmond center felt rich. or back up on the marina bay parkway for the west of 580 commute. is extremely slow going for you here. are still backed up into the macarthur raismaze.s to the result early end to the backup not so far not at all today. the san mateo bridge and h ride on highway 82 is now much of an improvement. >>: or watch in the wild fires burning in southern california a new area pictures coming in from san diego county. if intel
9:02 am
dangerously close this is coming to people's homes. there is up about a thousand homes evacuated at this moment variat. also oute that the nuclear power plant has been cleared along with cross state san carlos. the crossfire it says that the nine fires also burned over 9,000 a.. lego land is closed during to power august. there was a time we ge .
9:03 am
new video just coming in the crime 4 showing was left of the devastation from the storms across dead. and double the evacuation's thousand people don't have power in the county. along with the entire a unit condominium complex has been destroyed. the for more information on the wildfires will have update and videos and pictures are coming into our web site at crime 4 dock, if you want more information go to crime 4 dark,
9:04 am
and download are at.pp. >>: that their affairs in the danger reaches all the way to the bay area as well we don't have the same model wins but we do have the extreme temperatures. this has the officials concerned about the fires. park officials are closing some of the parks because of a. >>: offer today at least will find out over the next several days that a law, the people don't realize they came and this morning in the din realize that this place is off-limits here's a sign that says no vehicles but no walking as well. a levy would believe us and were standing here telling people that they can't go they keep walking in the zero run into the gates
9:05 am
that's padlocked. it means everybody and as a matter for walking your writing or your in your car. your reaction be support this? ma'ai do support s they're talking about five times a week sometimes i do see people appear there have in their barbecues and smoking cigarettes. if that is something new chandelier and said the park. never let cigarette in a turnaround the hillside and opens fire. if it goes on for a couple of days you're ok with that yet sure there's other places to ride to. now only do people that come here exerciser obviously people
9:06 am
that live down the street showing their bodies off. and this place catches on fire obviously this is the next appear some of it were a little disappointed but no one mad. >>: and san francisco what businesses usual but check out the sun that we saw this morning and get a picture of it and says that it is so damn hot and sampras cisco is too damn hot the city is close how funny is that. somebody had been to that signed the treaty to the bottom of this. >>: to concede free yourself that the sign read behind me has is stickers motorists and pedestrians are reading and says " city closed to damn hot we don't know who put up the sign
9:07 am
or black get mad at this time we did put a call in for the people that rented out a sign they say they'll know anything about that message they think that someone hacked into the system. we're talking to people that are out and about taking pictures of the sign they think the whole thing is just great >>: i return my son a school is my birthday and a look on the side road and i get to read this for free i love it. i'll love it if they did this i think it's just plain are. >>: collection know the responses from the city officials will we get back. >>: video scenes around the internet of jasey and hi sister-in-law and elevator.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
its ninth general tracking a major house on the last hour the 580 read to richmond heading over to the richmond center fell bridge the third accident of the morning is still turning up the ride. >>: breaking news in the crime for robbery at a drugstore and and yet here's some of the video. there are running right into the cvs on premise and wrote. having just before 8:00 a little over an hour ago pleasers on the scene is now a lot of information but the rally ran his truck right into the cbs. >>: rent all winners and losers some wall street with rival black coming up. and later a woman behind bars for hitting a four year-old girl in the head with a crowbar and cited wal- mart.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
senhor team coverage of the wild fires burning in southern california. this is the cocoas hillside fire 700 a. as not contain that all stock of control 3 home 7 destroyed and a structure was damage. the
9:15 am
governor has declared a state emergency of this fire. there are nine fires burning in southern california at this time.
9:16 am
a little relief along the coastline were still talking about toasty temperatures for all the in the areas. we broke some record yesterday to a culture highs and will see where
9:17 am
we actually broke those records. the broken of record set back in 1922. broken all records set back in 1967. with another possibility to break some records this afternoon. we'll have many triple digits on the afternoon map thi. severs cisco9 and 76 degrees and they use city. are showing clear conditions of the bay area looked on storm pushed the is the enemy cloud cover in the bay area over night. will get some type of relief especially in the morning of the morning fog. that's the brazilian a regulator temperatures as we head into tomorrow. travel gets cooler as
9:18 am
we move into the weekend. it's been a close over the next seven. watching today
9:19 am
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second running water from the sarah develop and sensor california connection up the state and a greater risk for an earthquake. the study says that we use the equivalent of all the water in lake tahoe and groundwater in the past under 50 years. when the water goes the ground sinks which causes the grounding mullins including the sierra and coastal range and all that movement could trigger a it earthquake. >>: there tracking for earthquakes and north texas. the cause and more than 30 quick/share. last year. find out
9:26 am
whether the wells are to blame for the earthquake sperry a spokesperson says they now identified the fired who ever recorded very least this care video that shows the on says sister staunch knowles attacking jasey an elevator. march this says to the sister smacking am inserting shoving him. so although said they figured out one employee breach the security and releasing the confidential tape and if in a fire that employee. what's going on as none of the stars pinned on the story.
9:27 am
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edison the wildfire spread our store chain and set it up, and this may live pictures coming in right now the fires and services go with the 0 percent containment with the three homes destroyed. there's nine fires burning over 9,000 a.. you also learn that the strength seen from a word is heading down to san diego to help put out the fires very the other firefighters from other counties are also joining in. we also have six airplanes on the fire right now with numerous helicopters they were here at first flight. the use of
9:30 am
military aircraft we have the resources we need for this firee in the county. >>: will follow the latest on the fires in the is a big concern and california as a service here. it's still have the some people happen. " for the city and it's so hot that as close as an francisco preparing on this list may have a fun with the role assigned a china left and started crying because it was so hot. at the debris should ri think they should reposition this sign and put it where it's
9:31 am
over 90. here's a live look at the conditions. at the golden gate bridges clear skies and plenty of sunshine 7 is already on one side and san francisco 77 and 7 cisco 74 and will never more. it's still high in england today it is not among the coastland a little cooler. it returns overnight for better seeking cooler conditions into friday. relatedness teacher was a reaction to the weekend a roller-coaster forecast is changing the route the call next couple of days. but the meantime let's take a look at the commute. >>: were still checking high spots in the traffic center persistently slow commute as there is a recent accident and is still blocking the left tamerlanes. the vehicle could
9:32 am
not be moved there trying to get a tow truck out there but you can imagine that that is the problem and the traffic is backed up his bat. the potential buyers on in both east and west from lanes. so that should help. this is a bridge to avoid for the next hour and sometime after 1030. it could take longer but even if they remove the salt right now it was still take about an hour to 11 as backup prepared
9:33 am
9:34 am
9:35 am
and is in the hospital after being hit by a car crash and services, and one person was taken to hospital for treatment lisa still trying to piece together what happened. >>: sean web becoming the permanent chief after serving a internship " for almost a year. he can the mayor last may may. >>: a four year-old girl was badly hurt she was attacked with
9:36 am
a crowbar inside wal-mart and san jose here's the woman that they say who did it. she went to the wal-mart store wrote about 11:00 on tuesday morning if for some reason she pulled out a crowbar i never beg and approached a man was pushing his four year-old daughter and a cart and then they say she started hitting the girl in the head twice with a crowbar bury . the police said the storm and as a transition issue doesn't know the man or the daughter it was just an random act of violence.
9:37 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
i spot in this commute an accident san mateo bridge was brown is near the base of the high-rise blocks the left-hand lane and traffic is still jammed up nearly to a 80 on the mimics freeway was bombed. in fact is the new ads that was down 992 at the despair and boulevard. >>: and acre is a response to viewers complaining about the weather report. apparently in nidal they were not pleased when the meteorologist sean cable
9:41 am
broke into their prime-time shows to talk about the tornado warnings. i fell but for having interrupted tv show me tell you what i'm glad i did. they're calling and ripping shine for being an air china save people's lifes no show is it more important than some of life at unbelievable on air if it wasn't that important. if it is your home in your neighborhood of telling you it would be different. it was the season for nellie once upon a time. telling you it would be different. it was the season for nellie once upon a time. >>e muard ed tt masw fren's ylow star 100%atur frome to y. wi 40%ore ee, thers mo to ve.
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they hundred acres date 5% contained the governor has could declare a state of emergency another fighter in the springs area 500 a. 5 pricing the the have-what content by tonight all right and the the hot one today and jordan joined will be back here tomorrow
9:58 am
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